Viral-Video-Telangana-Man-Stuck-In-Rocks-For-42-HoursIn a shocking incident, a man from Telangana had to face living hell as he got stuck between giant rocks while he was on a hunting spree.

Going into the story, Shada Raju from Kamareddy went on a hunt very recently. Incidentally, Raju slipped and fell in between giant rocks, and to make matters worse, he was stuck in an upside-down position between the rocks.

Raju’s friend, Ashok tried to help the former but soon realized he wouldn’t be able to save Raju, so he called for help. The police, forest, fire, and revenue department officials came together to save Raju.

The rescue operation went on for 42 long hours and Raju was finally saved after the personnel broke the giant rocks and made a way out for him. He was supplied with liquids and nourishments through the course of 42 hours.

Raju came out with injuries to his body and he is currently being treated for the same. The viral videos of this incident are all over the internet now.