Jana-Sena-Pawan-Kalyan--TDPA video of Pawan Kalyan who was silencing a man complaining of the unnecessary noise that his fans were making with their bikes as they remove silencers of their bikes and roam around making huge noises. The man is not from the rival party but he is a supporter of Janasena party and got a valid point which many wanted to question the star.

Replying to many questions of the member, Pawan Kalyan quoted that the attitude of the party leader will automatically come to the members. Pointing out that there are many other bigger issues prevailing in the society like murders and the young making noise is not even a matter to be concerned about.

He also supported their action of loud rides, saying that gives energy to the young and even that is the mistake of the leaders are failing to divert that energy in right ways taking an example of reducing space of playgrounds in colleges and schools. After all, it is politics and even Pawan is no exception to play safe when it comes to hurting the young support.