Lakshmi ParvathiJagan Government’s decision to change the name of Telugu Akademi to Telugu – Sanskrit Akademi has drawn flak with Telugu language lovers. After Jagan Government’s decision to remove Telugu medium in the schools, they see this as another move to belittle Telugu language.

The Government has deployed Telugu Akademi Chairperson, Lakshmi Parvathi to defend its move. She defended the change in the name of akademi stating that she does not see any wrong in it. In the process of explaining, Lakshmi Parvathi tried to draw a comparison between Telugu and Sanskrit.

“Telugu and Sanskrit languages are inseparable like how the cards in a pack of cards are always together,” Lakshmi Parvathi said. Comparing sacred languages like Telugu and Sanskrit with pack of cards did not go well with the language admirers and they are expressing their strong dissent over such words from the Akademi Chairperson herself.

The video of Lakshmi Parvati’s comments are going viral on social media.