MLA Roja Alluri Seetharamaraju VardhanthiKarma is unforgiving. What goes around comes around with as much vigour and pace. Sadly, YCP minister Rona got to learn it the hard way.

Back when Nara Lokesh said Jayanthi instead of Vardhanthi at an event and all hell broke loose as YCP troops started mocking him over the error. Roja was one of the principle catalysts of the same. She used to repeatedly say Lokesh is incapable politician and the fact that he gets confused with Jayanthi for Vardhanthi proves the same.

Now, Roja has done the very same thing today. Speaking at an event related to Alluri Seetharama Raju Vardhanthi, she said it is his Jayanthi. She said the same at a crowded place as she stood beside union minister Kisharn Reddy.

This has led to severe trolls on social media and people are saying Roja has fallen prey to her own mockery.