Viral Video: Goa Like Casino Setup In GudivadaTelugu Desam Party National Spokesperson, Pattabhi released a video in which casino-like arrangements are made at a convention center in Gudivada. In the video, we can see tables set up for gambling with many people present there. Pattabhi has tagged Civil Supplies Minister, Kodali Nani alleging that it is the minister’s work.

He also tagged AP DGP and Police handles asking to take immediate action along with a hashtag #SaveAPFromYSRCP. Similar videos have also surfaced on social media in which we can also see the cheer girls motivating the customers. Meanwhile, Andhrajyothy has published a report claiming that it is the convention center belonging to Kodali Nani.

“The casino is specially set up along with cock fights, poker camps, Gundaata, and number games. Admission to the casino is possible only after paying an entrance fee of Rs 10,000. Bouncers from Hyderabad are being used for surveillance so that the visitors do not shoot videos on mobiles” – Andhrajyothi report said.

In the video, we can see the roof decorated with clothes indicating YSR Congress colors.