Chandrababu Naidu CryingIt is known to our readers that Chandrababu Naidu boycotted the assembly for the remainder of the term and vowed to return only after becoming the Chief Minister in 2024. This has happened after YSR Congress MLAs passed cheap comments on Chandrababu’s wife.

YSR Congress MLAs led by Minister Kodali Nani were also seen abusing Chandrababu after this announcement and Chief Minister Jagan is seen cheering. Meanwhile, the former Chief Minister has called for a Pressmeet and broke down before media while narrating what happened in the house.

“She never showed any interest in politics. Even now after 40 years, even after her father was a Chief Minister, even after me being the Chief Minister for a very long,” Naidu broke down without even completing the sentence. The video is going viral on social media with netizens firing on the Ruling party for its arrogance.

Abuses from the treasury benches are quite common but then, it has gone to disgusting levels, people are commenting.