Information-Technology-Andhra-PradeshThe YSRCP led government of Andhra Pradesh has been under stern criticism for failing to attract big investments to the state. Incidentally, a related troll is now going viral on social media.

Earlier today, the government’s Twitter handle shared a tweet, saying a total of 7 IT companies are seeing Andhra Pradesh as an IT hub and intend to make investments here.

This has led to a series of trolls from the common public on social media as people are mocking the government, saying they are using fake hype to project as if they are bringing investments to the state.

“Guess the companies that the YCP government is talking about are Sagar Software, Maganti Malware, Bharathi Bootware, Avanthi Underwear.” A netizen tweeted. This tweet mocks the YCP bigwigs and has a funny touch it it. It is going viral now.

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