Gummaladibba-Bore-constructed-on-roadA pic is making rounds on social media and mocking Jagan’s government’s incompetence. In the pic, you can see that a water hand pump is in the middle of the newly laid road in Nellore District Kovuru Mandal’s Gummaladibba New Colony.

This was a mud road. As there is plenty of water in the ground, the authorities set up a hand pump. Funds were recently sanctioned to repair the road.

Despite knowing that the hand pump will come in the middle and cause inconvenience for the traffic on either side, the authorities laid the new road.

Locals are alleging that the officials were asked to remove the hand pump and install it somewhere in the surroundings. But none of the officials paid any attention and now the hand pump is in the middle of the road.

Seeing this viral pic, people are commenting that such blunders can happen only on Jagananna roads.