Pawan-Kalyan-CM-KCR-PMKCR recently floated BRS and announced his aspirations to be active even in Andhra Pradesh, and obviously national politics. KCR’s entry into AP politics is going to be interesting to watch.

Coming to the topic, a flexi that has been erected at Kolakalur, Tenali, Guntur, AP is now catching the attention all over. Wonder what’s special about the flxi?

In the said flexi, which is erected by a local, it can be seen that Pawan Kalyan should soon become the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana CM should soon become the prime minister of India.

The fact that Telangana CM, KCR is being strengthened to become the PM of India in AP is catching the attention now. And so is Pawan Kalyan for AP CM aspiration.

But as of now, Pawan’s party is restricted to 1 MLA seat in AP and KCR has just started to set foot in national politics. So the aspiration mentioned in the flexi could be a far way away from now.