Vijaysai Reddy Playing Mind Games with TDP in Vishakapatnam?Ahead of the Greater Vishaka Municipal Corporation (GVMC) elections, YSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy made a shocking revelation. At a party event, he said TDP North MLA, Ganta Srinivasa Rao will be joining the ruling party very soon.

“Ganta has made some proposals. Discussions are going on. He will join the party as soon as Chief Minister Jagan gives his nod,” Vijaysai Reddy said. He made these comments on the eve of Ganta’s loyalist, Kasi Viswanath joining the ruling party.

Interestingly, Minister Avanthi Srinivas has been opposing Ganta’s joining for a long time. It is interesting to see if these comments are true or aimed at creating a confusion in TDP cadre ahead of the election. Ganta has resigned opposing the privatization of Vishaka Steel Plant.

BJP and YSR Congress are in the dock for this issue. It does not make sense to join the party at this time. But then, we never know with Ganta’s track record of constantly moving towards greener pasteurs.