Vijaysai Reddy Edits Pic To Hide Jagan's Failure!A lot has been written and talked about on the bad financial condition of Andhra Pradesh under YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule.

Central Government also started taking stock of the situation which is slipping fastly into a state of serious concern. But YSR Congress is trying to stay in denial mode and fool the people.

TDP is trying to explain the situation to the people by citing the example of economic turmoil in Sri Lanka.

Refuting the claim, Vijaysai Reddy posted a picture on his Twitter account which has states with highest debt-GSDP ratio in FY22.

Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh are in the first five positions according to the graph posted by some National media.

To showcase all is well, Vijaysai Reddy deleted Andhra Pradesh from the fifth position and posted pic with only first four.

But Twitter is a tricky place and people immediately posted the Original image and exposed Vijaysai Reddy.

Coming to the issue, if we keep Punjab aside, the difference between Andhra Pradesh and the remaining states is very less.

The picture is based on the figures reported by the State Government and then, there are big amounts which are borrowed off the budget and but still are liabilities for the state.

The rank maybe even worse if they are included.

Those in power can easily ignore for Votebank politics but people should be aware.