IT Investigation Chocolate Vender 18crA chocolate seller who sells chocolate by going door to door has got 18 crores of the amount deposited to his bank account in Renuka Mata Multistate Co-operative Bank of Vijayawada branch. The irony is that Kishori Lal is just a chocolate seller and he claims innocence and reported that he was unaware of those transactions.

IT registered the case upon the suspicious Transaction Kishori Lal’s account and state that they are suspecting the bank officials too as the transactions via the internet if done can only be done if the person knows the details of the banking account which possibly are Kishori Lal and the bank.

The deposition of 18 crores has been done into Lal’s account on November 8 and a few other transactions have been recorded after that as the bank reported. The case is under investigation and the officials have asked the CCTV footage of the bank to look into the manual transactions occurred with Lal’s account.