Kesineni NaniA lot is happening in TDP over Vijayawada Parliament. Sitting MP Kesineni Nani is one of the best-performing MPs but then, but Nani is having problems with the seniors of the district.

Nani’s brother, Kesineni Chinni is being active in the constituency and is doing several social welfare activities by being among the people.

Nani and Chinni are not getting along with each other and the anti-Nani faction in TDP is supporting Chinni.

There are rumors in the constituency that Chinni will get the Lok Sabha ticket this time while Nani will be sent to the Vijayawada West assembly.

Buddha Venkanna and Nagulmeera attended the Sankranthi Kanukala distribution organized by Kesineni Chinni. The leaders have made some comments targeting Nani.

Venkanna announced that he would contest for Vijayawada West constituency this time and demanded that the seat should be given to BCs.

Both Buddha Venkanna and Nagulmeera made veiled comments against Nani by praising Chinni. That indicates that they are trying to deprive both options (Lok Sabha and assembly) for Nani.

Vijayawada TDP needs the urgent attention of Chandrababu Naidu. Group politics can be costly for the party if not addressed immediately.