The Andhra Pradesh Government’s decision to house the state capital temporarily at Gannavaram 20 Kms away from Vijayawada did not go well with the people of Vijayawada itself. They fear that the capital will be more towards Gannavaram now than Vijayawada. The real estate of the city will come to sudden still as the epicentre of growth will be moved away. People here draw the example of Hyderabad here. Earlier the epicenter of Hyderabad used to be near Old City and now it moved out to Banjara Hills-Jubilee Hills-Madhapur stretch.

The real estate business which was skyrocketing until few days ago came to a sudden still. Real Investors are not going to hurry up now. They are thinking of playing the waiting game until the permanent capital is decided. Government officials say the lack of proper empty lands across the city and improper planning have gone against the city’s chances of being the capital.

However experts say Vijayawada is not going to lose any thing from this move. Even though Gannavaram is made the capital,the development will be spread across to Vijayawada. They say Vijayawada is one of the most developed cities in Andhra Pradesh and there are least chances of getting ignored. But they say the rockets will come down but will definitely and slowly will soar some day.