It is known that TRS chief, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, with his family, has met Congress head Sonia Gandhi few days ago, to thank her. It was also assumed that the meeting was more to talk about TRS’ merge with Congress than to thank. But, few incidents made us think otherwise.

Congress has joined ex-TRS minister Vijayasanthi just a day after joining another ex-TRS member, Arvind Reddy. Vijayasanthi joined Congress after having conflicts with KCR’ decision as TRS hit a roadblock on the path of merger with Congress. After joining, Vijayasanthi told the media that a politician should always stick to their word once given, and only then people will trust them and she has done that. But there are a few people who are breaking their promises, which is not correct, she added.

Joining Vijayasanthi is being seen as Congress’ attempt to put pressure on TRS for a merger. The merger plan appears to have come to a temporary halt because of conflicting demands from both the parties.