Sai Reddy's Smart Escape & Silly FallA few days ago, when the Opposition and Eenadu wrote about MP Vijayasai Reddy‘s son-in-law’s brother getting involved in Delhi Liquor Scam, the MP attacked saying what he has got with his S-I-L’s Brother.

He even went on to say his daughter becomes another family when she is married off. Even though it is not a convincing argument, it is okay for giving a closure just for politics sake.

Later we have seen media digging how far Sai Reddy is involved with the arrested.

That aside, Vijayasai Reddy suddenly got startled and took a U-turn. From the last two days, he has been attacking Eenadu and other media for the same issue.

Eenadu and TV5 have been publishing reports of ED questioning Sarath’s wife, Kanika Tekriwal. Vijayasai Reddy is refuting those reports and are abusing Eenadu and Ramoji Rao for publishing them.

The question now is why Sai Reddy is batting for someone who is not related to and some scam which he is not involved.

This will only give the Opposition a chance to say Vijayasai Reddy a Gummadikayala Donga.