Vijayasai Reddy's Bail Case: CBI Maintains The Same Stance!YSR Congress Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju‘s petition to cancel Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy‘s bail has come to a hearing in the CBI Court. Like how it did in Jagan’s bail case, CBI did not file its opinion regarding the bail revocation.

It has filed a memo in the court leaving the decision to the court’s discretion whether to cancel bail or not. Meanwhile, the MP’s lawyer did not file the counter in this case and sought more time. The CBI court has agreed and adjourned the case to August 16th.

Meanwhile, Jagan’s Bail revocation case has reached the final stage with the arguments completed, and the judgment, in this case, is likely on August 25th. It is known to our readers that Vijayasai Reddy is the accused Number Two in the most disproportionate case of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

YSR Congress party supporters are very worried about these developments.