YSRCP-MP-Vijaya-Sai-Reddy-Vijayasai Reddy has introduced three private member bills in Parliament. All three bills have become controversial and joke-material on social media.

Vijayasai Reddy wants the system of mandatory bail for MP/MLA to enable them to vote in elections for the President, VP & other offices.

People are mocking the Rajya Sabha MP that he will very soon want mandatory bail for MP and MLAs for all-purpose so that it will help himself and his masters.

Another bill is a constitution amendment bill to provide State Legislatures with explicit powers to establish one or more state Capitals. Netizens are mocking the bill saying that it will create more modern-day Thuglaqs.

The last bill is the Press Council (Amendment) Bill, 2022 to give teeth to the Press Council of India to act against fake news being spread by “All Biased News” Channels or “ABN Channels” and to bring digital news under the purview of the Press Council of India.

“It is clear that by calling them ABN Channels, we know the intention”, they say. They are saying that ahead of ABN channels, the center should ban channels and media houses owned by political leaders to prevent All Biased Channels.