vijay sai reddyYCP rebel MP RaghuRama Krishna Raju, shortly referred to as RRR, is proving to be a handful for the YS Jagan-led party. The senior politician has waged a unapologetic battle against his own party troops.

Now, RRR has stated that YCP bigwig Vijayasai Reddy will turn a rebel much like him.

“This man(Vijayasai Reddy) has been ousted from Vizag to Andaman. But he has returned again. No matter how many times he is thrashed by the chief minister, he doesn’t have any shame. It won’t be long before he takes my route.” RRR tweeted.

Earlier, Vijayasai tweeted “This man(RRR) is sitting in Delhi and started a drama saying someone is plotting to kill him. He is a sucker for cheap tricks. He is ready to even jump in Godavari river and then say someone pushed him, just for the sake of publicity.”

RRR is now implying that all is not well between Jagan and Vijayasai and the latter might soon be turning a YCP rebel. It is evident that the Narsapuram MP is doing all he can to irk YCP high command.