Sai Reddy, How A TV Channel With Just A 3 BHK Flat?For the past few days, YCP’s Vijayasai Reddy has been in the firing line. He has been facing allegations that his daughter and son-in-law own a lot of real estate in Vizag.

Eenadu printed out a sensational report regarding the same, saying Aurobindo company, operated by Vijaysai’s family has heavily invested in Vizag and they own a lot of lands here. Reacting to the same, Vijayasai came up with a vague argument, saying how can he be held responsible if his family has investments in Vizag. He said all he owns in Vizag is a 3 BHK flat.

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Vijayasai who is visibly irked by Eenadu then stated that he would soon be starting a news channel in opposition to Eenadu.

Now, TDP senior leader Dhulipalla Narendra made an interesting comment in this context. He said questioned Vijayasai over his statement.

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“You say you only own a 3-BHK apartment in Vizag. But you also say you will soon start a TV channel. If you only really do own a 3 BHK flat then where do you get the money for a channel? You are a fraud. Only YCP can appoint a person like you in an influential post. You are involved with Kakinada SEZ irregularities, and also the procurement of 108, 104 ambulances” Dhulipalla said.

Ever since Eenadu started an all out attack on YCP, the party leaders seem rattled and they are making strange comments, giving further chance to TDP to strangle them. The Vijayasai Reddy development is an example.

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