VijayasaiReddy_MLC_Elections_2023YS Jagan’s stoic supporter, Vijayasai Reddy had been an integral leader for YSRCP in the Vizag region. But recently JYS Jagan kept Vijayasai at bay for the reasons best known to both.

Jagan then appointed YV Subba Reddy as the commander in chief for Uttharandhra region. He replaced Vijayasai Reddy with Subba Reddy.

Subba Reddy aggressively worked in the MLC elections and worked for SeethamRaju Sudhakar who was strengthened by YSCRP.

However, TDP wept the graduates MLC elections here and SeethamRaju Sudhakar who was strengthened by YSRCP and was supported by Subba Reddy ended up losing the elections.

Now, YSRCP sources are saying that Vijayasai Reddy is happy that the party put on a flop show in Vizag region in the graduates MLC elections after he was sidelined by the party.

Even the YSRCP high command is stressed about the weak show in the MLC elections. And on top of that, Vijayasai Reddy who was once one of the top leaders at YSRCP is happy that the party failed in the same.