vijaya-sai-reddy-twitterVijayasai Reddy is unlike an untamed bull on Twitter. He forgets the fact he is the representative of the Upper House of Parliament and tweets anything and everything like a troll.

Political criticism is okay as far as it is in Parliamentary language.

But we do not even find an iota of that in Vijayasai Reddy’s tweets.

The latest is that he now blames Chandrababu for the Sri Lanka crisis.

Addressing the recently-resigned President Gotabya Rajapaksha as Chandrababu’s friend, Vijayasai Reddy says it is the advice of Chandrababu that resulted in Gotabaya’s fleeing the country.

“A person who was supposed to be in the palace is reduced to a refugee due to your bad ideas,” Vijayasai Reddy tweeted mentioning that Singapore refused asylum.

What should we say when political criticism is devoid of minimum rationale?

This kind of tweet will only damage YSR Congress than do any good.