YS Sharmila About VijayammaThe YS family had a strange and eventful day the other day. In a gap of a few hours, both Sharmila and Vijayamma made headlines by slapping police officers in two individual incidents.

Shortly after slapping a female police officer, Sharmila was arrested by the police. Vijayamma, who went to meet Sharmila, then went on to slap another police officer. Sharmila, today, was released on bail.

After coming out of jail, Sharmila made an unexpected comment. “Vijayamma’s slap meant no harm, it was just a swing. The media blew it up as if Vijayamma threw a bomb at someone. Will her slap at least kill a fly?” Sharmila said.

Sharmila added that Vijayamma is a senior citizen and called out the media for projecting the incident involving a harmless senior woman as if it was a big physical assault.

Sharmila’s statement is drawing a comical response on social media. “Only Sharmila can validate her mother slapping a police officer by saying her slap wouldn’t even kill a fly. This is heights of illogical arguments” a Telangana-based netizen commented under a viral video of Sharmila’s speech.