Vijayamma To Resign For YSR Congress?Andhrajyothy has published a News Report that CM Jagan’s mother YS Vijayamma is looking to resign from her position of party’s honorary president.

Vijayamma stood with Sharmila when she parted ways with Jagan and floated a new party in Telangana.

There are rumors that Sharmila may end up in Andhra Pradesh as well.

There was a criticism of how Vijayamma could campaign for Sharmila when she is the honorary president of the YSR Congress.

The report said Jagan requested her mother to continue until the plenary in July.

If this becomes true, it will be big trouble for Jagan politically.

There is no way one can rubbish a report in Andhrajyothy. It is known to our readers that AJ has published the news about a rift between Jagan and Sharmila.

Ever since Sharmila’s party is announced, every news pertaining to Sharmila is coming in Andhrajyothy and it appears like Vijayamma is very much on her daughter’s side.