Vijayamma from Allagadda?

Until few days ago, YS Jagan was too confident about his party’s victory and fielded his mother Vijayamma to Parliament. Now all his hopes are trashed with people’s ruling going against them. With Chandra Babu Naidu and Narendra Modi at the helm, YS Jagan faces the danger of going to jail. Several Telugu Desam leaders are even predicting count down time of 45 days to the young leader to go to jail. If at all it happens, the party will go completely directionless and may become zero before the 2019 elections.

The buzz from the political circles is that Jagan may field his mother Vijayamma from Allagadda. It is known that a bi-election is imminent in Allagadda following the death of YSR Congress leader Shoba Nagi Reddy. But some of the Jagan’s close-aides are warning him against this as it would draw severe criticism for looking political gains in a death. They even say it is better to field any member of Shoba’s family if at all the party had to stand a chance of winning there. Jagan however is still undecided in this issue. On the other side, YSR Congress elected MLAs and MPs meeting took place today in Idupulapaya and they have elected Jagan as their leader unanimously.