Vijaya Sai ReddyAndhra Pradesh has vaccinated 1.86 Crore doses of COVID-19 vaccine by July 17th. Among these doses, the female population has received the highest number of doses. Out of these 1.86 Crore doses, women have received 1.01 Crore doses i.e., more doses than those taken by men.

“Women are at the forefront of COVID vaccination in the state. As of July 17, a total of 1.86 crore doses were vaccinated in the state, of which 1.01 crore were for women. According to the latest statistics, women in our state have the highest dose in terms of population,” YSRCP Rajyasabha MP Vijayasai Reddy tweeted.

However, experts say that this may not be an achievement as being portrayed. “Firstly, irrespective of women and men, vaccinating as much as the population is great. But when we start comparing men and women. It may be wise to vaccinate more men because they are more agile than women. They are more likely to be carriers than the women,” they say.

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to continue the night curfew in the state for one more month. The state clocks around 2,500 COVID-19 cases continuously for the last couple of days without signs of decrease.