MVV-SatyanarayanaYSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy and Vishakapatnam YCP MP MVV Satyanarayana are at loggerheads. They have been making public corruption allegations on each other.

Sai Reddy suspects the MP behind the leaks to Eenadu about his land deals in Vishakapatnam. He publicly spoke to the media about the MP taking 99% share in a housing project in Koormannapalem.

MVV Satyanarayana gave an interview to a Newspaper making open allegations on Vijaysai Reddy’s dubious land deals in Vishakapatnam.

“Let Vijaysai wash the dirt off him first and then blame others. How different is Insider Trading in Amaravati from Vijayasai Reddy’s daughter buying properties left, right and centre, by hook or by crook, in and around Visakhapatnam?,” MVV Satyanarayana criticized.

He also rubbished Vijayasai Reddy’s threatening to enter the real estate business if he is confronted again. “He announced his foray into the media, real estate and what not. He just stopped short of announcing the launch of a new political outfit,” the Lok Sabha MP ridiculed.

YSR Congress Party leadership has turned into a mute spectator even as both the MPs are washing their dirty linen in the media.