Venkaiah_Naidu_President_CandidateReports are emerging that Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu may be the President candidate of NDA.

BJP President JP Nadda and Ministers – Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh met Venkaiah Naidu at his residence this afternoon and spoke to him for 50 minutes.

Buzz is that they have informed Venkaiah about selecting him.

In case, this is final. It will be a big inconvenience for the YSR Congress. It is known that YSR Congress can not say No to BJP for obvious reasons.

Jagan does not see Venkaiah Naidu eye to eye as he believes the Vice-President has a soft corner towards TDP.

Moreover, he belongs to the Kamma community which Jagan hates to the core.

At the same time, TDP will support Venkaiah Naidu because the party always extends support if a Telugu person gets a chance to make it big at the National level.

BJP is slightly short in the President election but can comfortably win with the help of YSR Congress.

Opposition is going to field former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha as its candidate.