Venkaiah Naidu, Venkaiah Naidu Special Status History, Venkaiah Naidu Special Status Facts, Venkaiah Naidu Special Status Blame Real Facts Senior BJP Leader and Union Urban Development Minister, Venkaiah Naidu is the tallest figure in Andhra Pradesh unit of BJP. In fact, there is no other leader as prominent as Venkaiah from the state representing the Saffron Party over the decades. BJP is also equally responsible as Congress Party for the bifurcation of the state.

Congress could not have passed the Telangana bill if there is no co-operation from BJP. But Venkaiah Naidu put up a big fight in Rajya Sabha for the state and impressed the people big time. That fight made people excuse BJP and gave it a chance in 2014. But then, the same Venkaiah Naidu is becoming a burden for the party now.

All the fingers are pointing at Venkaiah Naidu on the center going back on the Special Status issue. The Top Brass of the BJP have made him the scapegoat on the issue and the heat just got doubled with Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan targeting the Senior Leader. Venkaiah is also giving back hard on these allegations.

But Venkaiah Naidu’s defense seem to be backfiring. The more Venkaiah talk defending himself and Center’s stance on the Special Package, he is exposing the hollowness of the party and the central government. This is unsettling the already troubled BJP party in the state. The same Venkaiah who is once a strength to the party is become a liability now.