Radhakrishna Already Wins Over JaganThe feud between ABN Radhakrishna and YSR Family is well known to everyone. YS tried to bring down Radhakrishna during his rule and now, Jagan is trying the same.

But then, YS Sharmila seems to have different ideas and is hobnobbing with Andhrajyothy. Right from the hint about Sharmila’s party to today’s event. ABN gets first information about everything.

Now, RK has started the third season of his famous show, Open Heart With RK and Sharmila is the first Guest on this show. ABN could not have asked for a bigger opportunity to have a big bang start to the show.

However, Sharmila attending the show is causing heart burn for YSR Congress and its supporters. For many years, Sharmila has become enemy for enemies of Jagan Mohan Reddy and got nothing in return.

Her brother did not reciprocate for the help she did and could not stand by her having political ambitions. When Jagan does that, Sharmila feels free from all the obligations and has chosen her path.

Whenever YSR or Jagan are in power, ABN and Andhrajyothy are also deprived of their share in Government advertisements. There is a constant attempt to hit the finances and corner the media group with legal issues. But RK never budged.

It is often difficult to judge winners in this tussle, but getting Sharmila on her side gives an edge to Radhakrishna.

A few years ago, YS and Jagan engineered a similar family feud in Ramoji Rao’s son. An interview of Sakshi with Ramoji Rao’s son, Suman was used to malign the character of the media baron.

RK has a similar opportunity and it has to be seen how that pans out. Forget about what Sharmila says in the interview, her very presence in ABN Studio is damage already done for Jagan.