Veera_Simha_Reddy_JaganNandamuri Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy has been released today. The political dialogues of the film in the first half have become a talking point in Telugu states.

There is an episode in which the baddies try to send off a factory giving employment to so many people. There is a big dialogue comparing ‘Development and Demolition’.

There is a scene in which Balayya says something like – ‘Prajalu Vedhavalani Kurcheelu Ekkincharu kabatti Manam gauravinchali’.

There is another scene where a minister insults the Rayalaseema people. Balakrishna says a lengthy dialogue referring to his own Hindupur constituency which made his father NT Ramarao an MLA two times. He also says Rayalaseema has given a visionary CM (Chandrababu Naidu). In the same dialogue, there is a dig at YSR and Jagan.

And then, there is a dialogue about ‘Name changing’ which we have seen in the trailer.

The political dialogues took a direct hit at the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh. The dialogues got a thundering response in the theaters probably reflecting the anti-incumbency on the present government.

On social media, we can already see YSR Congress’s social media wings on an overdrive attacking the movie.