Vasundhara Nandamuri Into Electoral Politics?Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna is currently touring his constituency. He had unveiled Aarogya Radham the other day which will impart free medical services to the poor. Along with the MLA, his wife Vasundhara is also present.

A few months ago, Vasundhara inaugurated a mobile Anna Canteen in the constituency in the name of her father-in-law, Legendary NT Ramarao. Balakrishna did not come to the constituency back then.

Vasundhara and her friends have been actively pooling resources for the maintenance of the canteen.

Earlier Vasundhara came to the constituency once or twice only during the election campaign. But her active involvement in politics these days has become a point of discussion.

There are rumors in the constituency that Vasundhara may contest as MLA for Hindupur while Balayya may be contesting for Hindupur Lok Sabha constituency or some other constituency.

While the speculations are rife, sources close to Balakrishna say there is no political relevance to Vasundhara’s Hindupur involvement.

“Vasundhara garu is only into taking care of the family as Balayya is busy in politics and films. She is not interested in politics,” the source said.

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