Varla Attacks NTR: Can Not Get Anything More Ridiculous!NTR issue continues to remain as the Achilles heel of TDP. The issue comes up every now and then and disturbs TDP. The party which should be fighting serious political issues keeps spending its energy on this issue which is more personal and internal and that too for no reason.

We have seen NTR coming up with a video condemning YSR Congress leaders abusing Chandrababu Naidu‘s wife. It is quite natural that NTR did not see any reason to mess with the Ruling party and did not take any names. Given the sore relations between NTR and TDP, this is more than anyone could expect.

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But then, some TDP supporters are not happy because NTR did not lambast Jagan and other YSR Congress leaders like Nani and Vamsi. It is understandable if it is some random party supporters but TDP Senior leader Varla Ramaiah raked the issue before the media. Varla just does not want NTR to badmouth Nani and Vamsi, he wants him to cane them.

This is something as ridiculous as it gets. Politicians do have their motivation or agendas to go any extent to badmouth YSR Congress leaders or any others for that matter. It is unreasonable to expect the same from NTR who is not connected to politics. Moreover, that will only do bad to his film career.

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We do not know why Varla did such comments but he only harmed the party by getting it into this unnecessary debate. He also provided meat for the media for a few days making TDP a Punching Bag. It is a really bad issue and even worse timing. It’s high time the party leadership reins its leaders.

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