Vallabhaneni Vamsi Gang Attacks TDP OfficeThere has been a whole lot of criticism on YCP for publicly attacking TDP supporters and activists. There are several cases of TDP leaders falling prey to YCP goons. Now, things have gone further worse.

Incidentally, Vallabhaneni Vamsi’s gang has created a terrifying situation at the TDP office in Gannavaram.

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Vamsi’s Gang destructed the furniture are the TDP office in Gannavaram and set a car on fire. This created a big panic at the office.

Of late, Vamsi had been verbally abusing Chandrababu and Lokesh. TDP leaders criticised him over the same. And this enraged Vamsi’s gang who then went berserk at the office by destroying the furniture and setting a car on fire.

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This has led to an outrage on social media. “Vamsi’s career started at TDP. Chandrababu is the one who nurtured him and gave him a political career. Now he has sent his goons to attack the very same party office” TDP’s Buddha Venkanna said.

Earlier, Vamsi’s gang reportedly went to attack Donthu Chinna at his residence. But after finding no one in the house, they went to the TDP office and created a hostile situation there.

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