Uttar Pradesh to Study Andhra Pradesh's Loan Waiver SchemeA Special Team of Officials from Uttar Pradesh came to Hyderabad today and met AP Planning Commission Deputy Chairman C. Kutumbha Rao. They will be studying the implementation of Loan Waiver scheme of the state. They will be looking at the Special Software designed to ensure one family is taken as one unit.

Kutumbha Rao will be explaining the team how the government ensured that the scheme benefits only once for a family and avoiding any misuse. RBI reportedly told the Uttar Pradesh government to study Andhra Pradesh model of Loan Waiver.

BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh elections with a thumping majority. Loan Waiver is one of the crucial promises of the Saffron Party there. The loan waiver is expected to cost 36359 Crore to the state exchequer there.