VivekRamaswamyGOP Presidential aspirant, 37-year-old Vivek Ramaswamy has made some rather bold statements to his fellow Conservative Republicans. For starters, he said, he would ban American firms from doing business with China. Then he proceeded to say, he would dismantle the education department along with the FBI, if he is elected.

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Ramaswamy who flaunts his Indian-American origins is prepping to run for the US Presidential elections in 2024. He would sign a declaration of Independence to free America from China. Ramaswamy is heavily inspired by Donald Trump who believed in ‘America first’.

In his 18-minute speech, Ramaswamy spoke of religion, sex, and climate that have now engulfed American society and shared that it was time to bring forth the ‘Americanness’ that he and many of his generation grew with.

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He stated that the US was in the middle of a national identity crisis and said that it was time for GOP and Conservatives to rise up to the occasion and dilute the woke poison. Ramaswamy said it was time America once again moved ahead based on the capabilities of its people, instead of race, and sex.

He felt the US is done with the experiment of Henry Kissinger and now needed a bit of Churchill. He reiterated that if elected, he would dismantle the Department of Education and do away with the FBI.

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