Arkabutla_county_Mississippi_Shooting_6_KilledThe USA is reeling under these seemingly never ending mass shootings that have evoked a great deal of terror amongst the common public. Here’s a report on the third such mass shooting in the last one week.

As per the latest reports, a man went on a killing rampage as he killed 6 people, including his ex-wife in the Arkabutla county of Mississippi. A community of under 300 people were terrorised by this massacre.

The armed man, who has wielded three guns went on shooting spree, shooting multiple individuals, 6 of them who had lost their lives due to gun wounds.

The man is identified as Richard Dale Crum of Arkabutla, a county with around 290 population and started shooting at random people. He first shot a man whom he didn’t even know and the went on a killing spree.

There were several shootings at multiple locations across the area, resulting in 6 people, including Richard’s ex-wife, losing their lives.

The man is in police custody now and he was charged with count of first degree murder. More charges will be added through the course of the investigation.

In the last 7 days, there had been two other mass shootings. While one is at Michigan State University on the 14th of this month, the other was at a mall in Texas a couple of days ago.