US News: Texas A&M Student In Coma After Cricket MatchLittle did Mithil Pagar, who is now in a comatose state in a U.S. hospital, know what his fate would be when he flew to the U.S. with dreams in his eyes. Incidentally, Mithil worked in Hyderabad for about three years in MRF company and in other companies when he decided to go abroad for his higher studies.

He is presently a student at Texas A&M University doing his Masters in Industrial Engineering. He flew to the U.S. on August 18, 2022. A few days after his arrival in the U.S., he had a freak accident while playing cricket and fractured his femur. He had surgery and was recovering well. He was given blood thinners as part of his treatment, and his doctors said that he would be fine by December.

However, on November 4, Mithil had a massive heart attack as clots formed in his leg, got into the heart, and stopped the oxygen supply to his head for 10 minutes. His roommates called 911 and gave him CPR. He was flown to Baylor St Luke’s medical center, Houston.

While his lungs, kidneys, and heart are almost normal, neurologically, he is still in a delicate condition. He continues to be in a coma, and the doctors say his sight and motor skills could be affected when he wakes up. However, they are unsure of the extent till the time he is out of the coma.

Auroveda Operating Foundation Charitable Trust has raised a fundraiser for Mithil as he is on a student visa.