US Cops in Hunt of Telugu Guy Who Attempted SuicidePrudhvinath Kanduri, 25 from Karnool went missing in the US since Monday reported by TOI. Prudvi is a resident Wilmington has been making suicide attempts since a couple of days as his friends say. He has been searching on the internet on how to kill himself on his tablet as his friends found from the browsing history.

The man’s parents have been informed about him missing by his friends and the parents who live in Karnool have written a letter to the Indian embassy in the US to find his son immediately as he might be in danger for his suicidal attempts. They are worried that if Prudvi not found on time he wouldn’t be seen alive.

Other than the parent’s appeal, Prudvi’s friends too, have filed a complaint with Delaware police who conducted searches at Prudvi’s home and found empty Diphenhydramine vials and a napkin with blood stains along with a knife. Police alerted the city and are in search of Prudhvinath. Hope is safe and will be found soon.