Unorganized TDP Social Media Force Struggles to Take on BJP IT CellsBJP which has been warning of dire consequences to Chandrababu Naidu after Karnataka Elections is keeping its word. The Saffron Party is seething in anger with vengeance as it believes that the Telugu voters influenced by Chandrababu damaged its chances of forming a government there.

BJP is setting a narrative against Chandrababu in Social Media with its IT cells. They have been tweeting negative on Chandrababu Government day in day out in Twitter with a bid to change the image of Naidu. TDP is struggling to match them because BJP has IT cells in all the states and all of them are concentrating on the same issue.

On the other side, TDP’s Social Media strength is very much its unorganized fans and they are struggling to expose this propaganda by people especially from the North. “We are struggling but we will get there very soon. Most of these people are from North and do not know anything about AP. It is not very difficult to counter them,” a TDP leader said.

Intentional or unintentional, but BJP IT Cells are finding support from YSR Congress and Janasena Social Media Volunteers which is making life difficult for TDP. But then, social media has to be taken care of as it will play a major role in deciding the fate in 2019 Elections.