Unnecessary Risk Now, Jagan Rethinking!YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in the early days of his tenure announced that he would completely overhaul his cabinet after two and a half years and will give chance to others. The two and a half years’ time will be completed by December 6th and the aspirants are eagerly waiting.

But then, Jagan is planning to postpone the reshuffle by six more months and also it will not be a complete overhaul. Buzz is that the Chief Minister is of the opinion that it is risky to remove the seniors especially when there are obvious signs of anti-incumbency.

Also, completely newcomers mean they will have to start from scratch to get the grip of the administration. In the run-up to the elections, it is very risky. But then, this U-turn will be a big disappointment for the aspirants who are hoping for a complete overhaul.

Meanwhile, we have seen the party MLAs indulging in abnormal levels of Bhajana and Chandrababu bashing to impress the Chief Minister and get a chance in the cabinet expansion. The delay means they have to work further to butter the CM.