Unmarried Couples, Unmarried Couples Rooms Hyderabad, Unmarried Couples Book Rooms Hyderabad, Unmarried Couples Rooms Hyderabad GachibowliOyo Rooms, the popular hotel aggregator, has recently introduced a new feature to its website and app. Now even unmarried customers can book rooms in hotels all over India that are under Oyo Rooms. The company is an aggregator for standardized economical hotel rooms in almost 200 cities in India which offers over 70,000 rooms.

The new feature was added about two months back as a trial which allowed unmarried couples to book rooms under the relationship mode using the mobile app or the website. To keep their check-ins hassle free, the Oyo application allows couples to reserve rooms using their local identity proofs.

The feature was introduced keeping in mind the fact that most of the customers were of the 18-30 age group and to avoid any “last-minute inconveniences”. The company has been heavily promoting this feature using social media.