Unions and Government Involvement Threaten Hyderabad ITIn the wake of Mass Layoffs fear to grip the IT Industry, Software Employees in Telangana are moving towards forming Unions so that they can fight the companies against unethical Pink Slips. Such employees are also approaching Labour Department with their complaints.

But then industry experts warn that Unionisation and intervention of labor departments will have serious consequences and reputed companies might actually explore the option of moving to another city or shutting down operations completely in a place

Hyderabad is home to 1183 IT companies of all sizes and they are seriously observing the happenings over the issue. Attrition is common in the industry as IT industry was dependent on the international market. Layoffs are inevitable due to lack of projects and other factors.

Demanding salaries despite the work and projects like in the case of government will be a tough ask for the Private Firms. Reports are that some of the companies are pursuing the issue with IT Minister, KTR against allowing such Unions which will defeat the actual purpose.