YS - Jagan-Ramdas AthawaleUnion Minister Ramdas Athawale is in Vijayawada has declared that the Central Government is committed to helping Andhra Pradesh in all possible ways. He also added that the Special Status cannot be given as similar demands will crop up from all other states.

“It is sad that the Telugu Desam Party has quit NDA. I hope they come back again. YSR Congress is also a strong party here. I invite YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to join the NDA,” Ramdas Athwale told the media.

There are rumours for a long time that BJP and YSR Congress have a behind the doors understanding regarding the 2019 elections. Many believe the BJP high command has forced TDP out of NDA hoping that Jagan will come to their rescue. This comments will only strengthen that rumours.