Union Minister Humiliates Pawan Kalyan's Giant KillerYSRCP MLA, Grandhi Srinivas faced an embarrassing situation today while he was on official visit with the Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. For those who don’t recognise him by his name, he’s the one who defeated Pawan Kalyan in Bhimavaram.

At an inaugural event today, Sitharaman asks the common public to strictly go after the local MLA Grandhi for not completing the construction of a plant that is designed to help 6 surrounding villages.

“When I was an MP in 2016, I sanctioned funds for this plant which is designed to help 6 surrounding villages. But even to this day, the works aren’t completed. I suggest the public to question their MLA over the same. I am telling this in the presence of your minister (AP finance minister Buggana). Question your MLA and make sure the water supply works are done” Sitharaman said.

Towards the end, Grandhi is seen saying “even you’re (Sitharaman) here”. To which she replies “Why? Aren’t your men enough for it”.

Netizens are commenting that the finance minister has indeed humiliated Grandhi right on his face.