KCR- Jagan-Telangana-Andhra-PradeshNITI Aayog had released the India Innovation Index 2021 rankings of the states and union territories.

The report evaluates the innovation readiness of states and UTs and highlights potential challenges that deter the government, businesses, and individuals from fully realizing their potential.

Telangana is ranked second in the list of Major States after Karnataka. Andhra Pradesh is ranked ninth.

While Telangana is rated 17.66, Andhra Pradesh managed to get only 13.32.

Even smaller states like Harayana and Punjab fared better than Andhra Pradesh.

NITI Aayog claims that Innovation is the key to sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Central Government believes that Innovation can help solve the biggest challenges of our times: Bringing millions out of poverty, generating livelihood opportunities, and paving the way for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat