Union BudgetThe Union budget was presented in the parliament today and here’s a brief look into what the Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana got from the same.

Firstly, Singareni mines got an impressive Rs 1650 crore from the central budget, while the Vizag steel plant got Rs 683 crore.

AP central university got Rs 47 crore and the AP Petroleum University got Rs 168 crore. The tribal universities in the Telugu states got Rs 37 crore.

Hyderabad IIT’s EPA got Rs 300 crore budget while the museums, including the Salarjung Museum got Rs 357 crore.

Munuguru, Kota, and Burajala industrial plants got Rs 1473 crores in funding. The AIMS Hospital across the country got Rs 6835 crore in funding.

AP Finance minister Buggana had already stated that he is very much pleased with the Union Budget 2023 just minutes after it was announced.