Deaths of 2 Indian Students Cynthia Esampalli would have never thought of what was going to happen when she left behind her friends and family to pursue her passion in the US. A 23-year-old sprightly girl, she was studying at Texas Wesleyan University for her Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Her relatives in the US were shocked when they first heard the news of her being admitted to a hospital due to a seizure. Though she was immediately taken to the hospital, the doctors pronounced her brain dead. While the family waited and wished for a miracle, they had to finally accept reality and take away life support.

Ironically, Manpreet Singh, 24, was found dead by his friends in the morning following his death the previous night due to a heart attack. He was the son of Kahla Singh from Sangrur in India. He has been living in Caledon, CN, Canada, on a student visa for the last four years.

While the incidents are different, it is quite moving that both the students died of heart attacks, a silent killer among young people these days. The families of both students have taken to raising funds to send their bodies back to India to their respective families.