PVL_Narasimha_Raju_JaganUndi is a stronghold of the Telugu Desam Party in West Godavari. Out of the eight elections after TDP’s inception, the party only lost once in 2004. In 2019, YSR Congress fielded PVL Narasimha Raju who lost.

He continued as in charge for some days after the elections and later Gokaraju Rama Raju was appointed in his place. After some time, PVL is again brought back as the in charge.

These confusing moves of the party’s high command have triggered Group politics in the constituency. Their own party cadre is opposing PVL with Go Back Slogans when he comes to the constituency.

Cadre says he does not take everyone into confidence and is encouraging groups.

They also say the loyalists are not being informed of the party programs and all the nominated posts are going to only some people. “If PVL is the candidate for 2024, YSR Congress will lose for sure,” they warn.

In TDP’s strong forte, it is important for YSR Congress to get its act right. But the scenario is entirely different here.