Kalavapudi-SivaUndi constituency in West Godavari is the stronghold of TDP. Out of the eight elections after TDP’s inception, the party only lost once in 2004.

In 2009 and 2014, Kalavapudi Siva got elected twice. In 2019, when he is gearing up for a hattrick victory, something unexpected happened.

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TDP’s Narasapuram MP candidate, Raghu Rama Krishna Raju shifted to YSRCP at the last minute. Due to the lack of a proper candidate, Chandrababu asked Siva to contest.

He had to sacrifice an easy seat in Undi and also lost for the Parliament by a slender margin due to Janasena’s impact. Mantena Rama Raju who got the ticket unexpectedly won easily.

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Now, Kalavapudi Siva wants his seat back. Rama Raju failed the cadre as well as the constituency people especially because Kalavapudi Siva used to be very active.

Mantena Rama Raju was a follower of Kalavapudi Siva but is still keen on contesting once again in 2024.

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Chandrababu recently confirmed tickets to all sitting MLAs. That means Mantena Rama Raju will get a ticket once again. This is worrying the party cadre. They say Kalavapudi Siva who sacrificed his seat for Chandrababu should not be let down.